ASTROLOGY is a systematic discipline that evolved from records of patterns observed in human life correlating to astronomical events. It is backed by empirical data and trend analyses that practitioners worldwide continue to accumulate since the second millennium BCE in Babylon where the practice was born. The time, date, and place of birth of any individual or event produces a map of the skies as they were at that moment, which is used to derive important information regarding future outcomes, and opportune and challenging periods in the lifespan of the person or event in question.   

TAROT is a divinatory tool that was derived from the mediaeval European practice of using ordinary playing cards to make predictions. Most tarot decks have 78 cards, unlike more popularly used decks of 52 with four suits, full of meaningful pictorial depictions that aid the tarot reader in articulating their intuition and psychic abilities into coherent messages. One really must experience a tarot reading first hand to appreciate the mindboggling accuracy and perspective this medium provides.